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SAFE-OS is a secured operating system developed for the SEC&SI (Securité Et Confidentialité des Systèmes d'Information) ANR challenge. SAFE-OS is developed at LRI, one of the computer science laboratories of the University of Paris XI-Sud.

The team of SAFE-OS consists of

  • Thomas Herault (Associate Professor, University of Paris XI-Sud, project coordinator)
  • Sylvain Peyronnet (Associate Professor, University of Paris XI-Sud)
  • Sebastien Tixeuil (Professor, University of Paris 6).
  • François Lesueur (Postdoc, University of Paris XI-Sud)
  • Ala Rezmerita (Postdoc, University of Paris XI-Sud)

Evaluation Material

The other participants of the challenge are invited to download the evaluation material on the following links:

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